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  1. trouble in farmville
    Zynga’s Struggles Are Good for Silicon ValleyAs the chaff falls away, the wheat looks better.
  2. pop goes the tech bubble
    What’s the Matter With Zynga?The game-maker can’t seem to do anything right.
  3. trouble in farmville
    Oh, What Havoc FarmVille Hath WroughtZynga CEO Mark Pincus is trying, and failing, to save his company.
  4. Controversy Over Asia-Themed FarmVille ExpansionQuestion No. 1: Is it racist? Question No. 2: Do people still play FarmVille?
  5. technology
    Zynga Buys Up the Latest Greatest Time-Waster The company is paying $200 million for OMGPOP Inc. and its Draw Something game.
  6. ipo of the year?
    Zynga’s IPO Crumbled a LittleFirst day trading saw its price down.
  7. bubblicious
    Zynga to Take It Easy With Just a $1 Billion IPOThe semi-flops of Groupon and Pandora have the Internet company managing its expectations.
  8. bubblicious
    Zynga, the Company Behind Farmville, Is Apparently Worth As Much as $20 BillionAccording to the IPO filed today.
  9. sec no evil
    SEC Contemplates Relaxing Rules for Start-ups Like Facebook [Updated]Kind of like a big deal.
  10. party like it’s 1999
    JPMorgan Will Take Social Media for $750 Million, AlexHey, if FarmVille can get you $7 billion, why not?
  11. the future is coming
    In Defense of Google and FacebookLet’s cut Mark Zuckerberg and Eric Schmidt a little slack.
  12. the future is coming
    Farmville Is Killing Babies NowA Florida mom kills her baby for interrupting Farmville.
  13. ink-stained wretches
    The Real Reason the Journal Killed Its Investigation Into MySpace’s Privacy Practices [Updated]Nope, not an ethics violation.
  14. privacy
    Farmville Has Been Spying on You and Your FriendsA new report reveals that the ten most popular apps on Facebook took advantage of a loophole and were violating people’s privacy.