Brooklyn Cider House

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84 Very Good

An immersive Basque drinking experience re-created, whole cloth.

1100 Flushing Ave., Brooklyn, NY, 11237


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Northern Spain’s mountainous Basque Country is famed for its traditional cider houses, where customers congregate for casual, communal meals, each dish punctuated by visits to massive wooden barrels to sample the tart and funky sidra that cuts cleanly through the food’s richness. It’s an immersive drinking experience re-created, whole cloth, at Brooklyn Cider House. A 12,000-square-foot industrial space has been transformed into a Basque love letter equipped with a trio of dining areas and abundant wood, including towering chestnut casks filled with the housemade cider featuring apples from Twin Star Orchards, the owners’ upstate farm. You can bend elbows at the bar and sip through selections, including the gently carbonated Bone Dry and freshly fruity Kinda Dry. More fun is to sign up for a shared five-course feast — meat-free or meaty, including cider-braised chorizo — paired with a “catching”: After each dish, you walk to the barrel room where guides open faucets and release high, arcing streams of cider that you “catch” in wide-mouthed glasses, aerating the liquid and enhancing its aroma and flavor.

Chris Crowley

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DrinksFull Bar

Noise LevelCivilized