Cardiff Giant

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78 Solid

For a bar that only serves wine, beer, cider, and spirits made in New York State, Cardiff Giant sure doesn’t feel pretentious.

415 Myrtle Ave., Brooklyn, NY, 11205


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The lowdown

The 1869 hoax of the Cardiff Giant, a ten-foot-tall “petrified man” discovered upstate, serves as the namesake of this Brooklyn bar singularly celebrating beer, wine, spirits, and cider produced in New York State. But for such a tight focus, the bar sure doesn’t feel pretentious. It’s also one of the best places in the city for ciders: You’ll discover a wide range of native examples from such estimable producers as the Finger Lakes’ Blackduck Cidery and Kite & String served on draft and by the glass. The bottle list is equally commendable, featuring the “foraged” ciders of Aaron Burr and homegrown offerings like the tropical and piney dry-hopped cider from Queens-based Descendant. Don’t skip so-called “happy meals” such as the Stone Fence, a new-breed boilermaker combining a can of Rootstock cider with a shot of Black Dirt’s applejack.

Vanita Salisbury

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