Genuine Liquorette

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79 Solid

Genuine Liquorette winks at modern-day cocktail culture.

191 Grand St., New York, NY, 10013


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The lowdown

Even though it’s helmed by a crew of respected mixologists, Genuine Liquorette winks at modern-day cocktail culture. Former bartender Eben Freeman has invented something called the “Cha-Chunker,” a machine with a metal point that can be lowered into the mouth of any canned beverage to widen the hole. A mini bottle of alcohol is then inverted into the can, making drinks like a riff on a mojito, with Cruzan White rum, Sprite, lime, and mint. (Customers can also order standard mixed drinks, like gin and tonics, to be made with the Cha-Chunker.) The space is designed like a bodega-style liquor store, and people can actually drink from all of the bottles lining the walls (the bartenders will charge by the ounce). And to further break down the wall between the staff and the customers, bartenders also host cocktail classes and allow graduates to tend bar anytime.

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DrinksFull Bar

Noise LevelCivilized