Pouring Ribbons

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89 Impressive

The 88-seat bar serves exactingly simple cocktails. Plus, a controlled door means you’ll always get a seat.

225 Ave. B, New York, NY, 10009



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The lowdown

Pouring Ribbons has answered the challenge of relevance by creating concept menus that run about six months, aligning all their drinks around a theme, like the Silk Road, which blends the spices and flavors of the trade route that connected China to Europe. Each drink has a story behind it, and to fit the story, each cocktail has specially selected glasses, garnishes, and napkins, frequently poured from other vessels tableside. For those who don’t want to take a scholarlike deep dive into the menu to figure out the esoteric fortified wines and bitters, each cocktail is numbered and placed on a matrix, so you can figure out where on the range of refreshing to spirited and comforting to adventurous your order lies. Sitting at the bar lets you go deep in the menu and check out the place’s impressive whiskey and chartreuse collections, but the airy space with a half-moon picture window and several tables makes for a relaxing spot for dates or catching up with friends — once everyone has figured out the menu.

What you need to know

DrinksFull Bar

Noise LevelCivilized