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84 Very Good

A temple of iniquity for punk rockers, Goth betties, and queers of every feather.

101 Ave. A, New York, NY, 10009


Known For

The lowdown

It’s older than you are, and has gone through as many personalities. Punk rockers, Goth betties, and queers of every feather worship weekly at this temple of iniquity, which moonlights as an Off–Off Broadway venue when it feels like being theatrical. (The Donkey Show cavorted here before finding a permanent home at El Flamingo.) The bar up front is serviceable, and if you’re lucky, hotties will be dancing around your rocks glass. In the back, there’s a small dance floor and a stage that’s seen everything from They Might Be Giants (at their beginning) to GG Allin (at his end). If you’re feeling adventurous, the shadowy downstairs area hides a multitude of sins, mostly of the carnally curious variety.

What you need to know

DrinksFull Bar

Noise LevelBring earplugs!