Rye House

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80 Good

A comfortable spot with liquor-nerd bartenders.

11 W. 17th St., New York, NY, 10011



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The lowdown

You come for a simple drink. You leave with a head full of esoteric liquor factoids. That’s the greatness of the Rye House’s liquor-nerd bartenders, who are comfortable recommending an organic mocha stout one second and discussing a whiskey from 1962 the next. The tavern’s customer base recognizes the resource at hand and lines up at the granite bar for boozy back-and-forth. Blob lamps emanate dim light like fireflies trapped in amber — you can hardly recognize the fellow in front of you — so prepare to guide yourself by sense of touch to the back room for a communal-table dinner that, despite internet rumors, is not inspired by the cuisine of Pittsburgh. (Imagine a grizzled steelworker chasing beluga lentils around a plate with his fork!) Instead, there are kicked-up versions of a sloppy joe, grilled cheese, and crispy fish tacos, as well as one great Pittsburgh sandwich that’s stuffed with andouille, slaw, and French fries.

What you need to know

DrinksFull Bar

Noise LevelCivilized