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Beach Bum Tanning

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  • Type: Tanning Salon
  • Services: Skincare & Facials

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For pale-faced booksters and health-savvy types, it’s hard to believe that despite relentless warnings linking tanning with skin cancer, people still insist on baking themselves in coffin-like beds. But oh, they do, and the associates at Beach Bum Tanning aren’t there to judge. Far from it: Since the chain first opened in 1986 in Manhattan, it has metastasized to include over 30 stores in the tri-state area and Virginia. Stores are luxe-ish, as far as tanning shops go, with leather couches and rich reddish walls; wrought iron sconces light the way to a seemingly endless hallway of beds. Since Beach Bum understand how committed its Venice Beach-esque clients are to maintaining their golden glow, many locations are open 24 hours, for that essential, late-night ultraviolet fix. And tanners never want for lotions and accelerants, on wide display. Windex and paper towels must also be well-stocked here, based on the sanitary look and scent of the rooms and beds, but don’t expect employees to shower you with how-to-tan tips or attention. Spray booths are also available (caveat tannor: think Ross on “Friends”), but the traditional beds are the main draw.