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The Virgin Suicides

(No longer in theaters)
  • Rating: R — for strong thematic elements involving teens
  • Director: Sofia Coppola   Cast: James Woods, Josh Hartnett, Kathleen Turner, Scott Glenn, Kirsten Dunst
  • Running Time: 97 minutes
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Francis Ford Coppola


Paramount Pictures

Release Date

Apr 21, 2000

Release Notes



On the surface the Lisbons appear to be a healthy, successful 1970s family living in a middle-class Michigan suburb. Mr. Libson is a math teacher, his wife is a rigid religious mother of five attractive teenage daughters who catch the eyes of the neighborhood boys. However, when 13-year-old Cecilia commits suicide, the family spirals downward into a creepy state of isolation and the remaining girls are quarantined from social interaction (particularly from the opposite sex) by their zealously protective mother. But the strategy backfires, their seclusion makes the girls even more intriguing to the obsessed boys who will go to absurd lengths for a taste of the forbidden fruit.