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The Young Victoria

(No longer in theaters)
  • Rating: PG — for some mild sensuality, a scene of violence, and brief incidental language and smoking
  • Director: Jean-Marc Vallée   Cast: Emily Blunt, Rupert Friend, Paul Bettany, Miranda Richardson, Jim Broadbent
  • Running Time: 104 minutes
  • Reader Rating: Write a Review


Comedy, Documentary, Drama


Sarah Ferguson, Graham King, Martin Scorsese, Tim Headington



Release Date

Dec 18, 2009

Release Notes


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For a royal biopic, The Young Victoria is fleet, modest, and unfussy, which makes it hardly the sort of grandiose wallow that fans of stuffed turkeys like Elizabeth go in for. But the rapport between Emily Blunt as the pre-coronation Victoria and Rupert Friend as her German suitor Albert is witty and mischievous and transporting. They have a meeting of minds, with bodies to follow (in time). With her genuinely poetic beauty—her long neck, cleft chin, and faraway blue eyes—Blunt requires no suspension of disbelief to be taken for a queen. It’s everyone else that’s a stretch.

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