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Provided by: Benjamin Roshia
Served at: One Stop Beer Shop

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The Greenpoint neighborhood joint offers something for the health-conscious yet tequila-loving, adding the benefits of blueberry kombucha, lime, lemon, and ginger.


1.5 oz of tequila
.75 oz of fresh lime juice
.75 oz of fresh lemon juice
.5 oz of fresh ginger syrup
4 oz of blueberry kombucha (One Stop Beer Shop uses Beyond Kombucha, which they have on tap)


Start by salting the rim of the glass if you desire. Combine the fresh lemon & lime juice with the tequila and ginger syrup in a margarita glass and top off with kombucha. Gently stir, as most kombucha is carbonated you don't want to kill the carbonation. (Published 2012)