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Snows of Cotopaxi

Provided by: Mixologist Nicolas de Soto
Served at: Experimental Cocktail Club

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A festive sipper of Cardinal Mendoza Spanish Brandy, Amaro Ciocaro, and a simple-to-make spiced sweet potato syrup will help you realize your mortality quite nicely.


1.5 oz. Cardinal Mendoza Spanish Brandy
.5 oz. Amaro Ciociaro
.5 oz. Spiced Sweet Potato Syrup
1 egg


Dry shake egg white and the sweet potato syrup. Add the remaining ingredients (including the egg yolk) and shake hard. Garnish with nutmeg and serve up in a flip glass.

Sweet Potato Syrup:

2 cans sweet potato puree
.5 tsp cloves
1 Tsp nutmeg
2 cups Water
2 cups sugar

Bring to boil, then strain through chinois strainer

(Published 2012)