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The most famous restaurant in Brooklyn is a diner-deli hybrid that feels like the Disney version of “classic New York.”

386 Flatbush Ave. Extension, Brooklyn, NY, 11201



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Is Junior’s a diner? A deli? Some mash-up of the two? At this late stage of its life — the restaurant opened in 1950 — it’s mostly a tourist trap. But it’s a New York icon and it is almost impossible to sit down for a meal without leaving happy. (Even if the signature cheesecake is too dense and overly sweet.) The staff is always in a good mood, there is a 100 percent chance that the sprawling menu will include anything in the world that you might want to eat, and at the very least the portions are huge. Also, the cocktail bar in back is a friendly place for a Manhattan on the rocks if you just want to relax without having to worry, in the slightest, about any faux-speakeasy, mixology nonsense. All told, Junior’s is like a Disney version of “classic New York,” and it would be an actual tragedy if anything happened to change that.

Alan Sytsma

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Insider Tips The cheesecake is famous, but it isn’t necessarily great.

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