Madame Vo BBQ

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The owner of the popular Madame Vo go all in on grilling.

104 2nd Ave., New York, NY, 10003


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The East Village’s Madame Vo is one of a few restaurants that have invigorated New York’s tepid Vietnamese-restaurant scene. The owners are taking this a step further with Madame Vo BBQ, which stands out for its focus on grilled meats they’re calling “Vietnamese barbecue.” While this is food you’d find on the street in Vietnam, they’re doing what he calls a “modern, refined version” that borrows from Japanese and Korean barbecue, using Japanese tabletop grills with coils that give off a charcoal flavor. The centerpiece of the menu is the bò 7 món or beef seven ways, a more ceremonious set-meal consisting of, you guessed it, seven dishes (one is pork, not beef) served with the necessary accoutrements to make your own spring rolls. (These include vermicelli noodles, garnishes like green apple slices, and a trio of sauces.) Every other dish on the menu has something grilled or barbecued as well, like the barbecue oysters with uni mayo, prawns with “Mama Ly’s orange butter,” and lemongrass chicken skewers. What there’s not is a single dish from the first Madame Vo. The space is more colorful than the restaurant; near the front, there’s a teal Vespa that was brought over from Vietnam.

Chris Crowley

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Recommended DishesBò 7 món

DrinksNo Alcohol

Noise LevelCivilized