Salumeria Rosi

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77 Solid

This salumeria-cum-small-plates-restaurant is also a lesson in tiny-space efficiency.

283 Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY, 10023


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Italian meat masters Parmacotto produced this salumeria-cum-small-plates-restaurant that’s also a lesson in tiny-space efficiency. Cured meats are unobtrusively positioned at a counter by the entrance, where butchers slice both grocery and in-house portions to order. The L-shaped room feels both intimate and hip, thanks to black-mirrored walls and an imaginative map of Italy built from plaster-cast fruits, vegetables, and meats. It’s the Tuscan food that holds your attention, however; a Lilliputian serving of rigatoni all’amatriciana is toothsome with meaty bites of guanciale, and Tuscan-style spare ribs are cooked in a rosemary-inflected tomato ragù that’s almost juicier than the meat itself. A vast selection of precisely seasoned salumi and a small cluster of Italian cheeses are available individually in chef-selected mixed platters that also make a good value. On particularly busy nights, the host will gently inform you that they’ll need the table back in an hour or so — even if you have a reservation — making it difficult to linger over the ricotta cheesecake.

What you need to know

Recommended DishesSmall Selezione del Salumiere, $18; Costina [Tuscan short rib], $16; Torta di Ricotta, $9.

DrinksFull Bar