Sushi Nakazawa

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85 Very Good

Nakazawa labored for more than a decade as an apprentice to the wizened, Yoda-like sushi master Jiro Ono.

23 Commerce St., New York, NY, 10014


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The lowdown

According to our spies, the infectiously genial Chef Nakazawa is not in evidence behind the counter much anymore, although in case you haven’t heard, there’s a signature Nakazawa “Caviar Russe” on the menu, and the chef’s name is conveniently emblazoned on the bottom of every serving tray for Instagram branding purposes. Except for the slightly over-gummy rice, however, the quality of the product was as good as ever when we dropped in for a pleasant lunch not long ago, and if you avoid the thousand-dollar bottles of sake and wine, and the endless upselling offers (yes, there is A-5 Wagyu), the omakase option ($150 at the counter, $120 at a table) is a true bargain compared to the aggressively priced sushi joints around town.

What you need to know

Recommended DishesScallop; saba; uni; ikura; uni hand roll with shiso; tamago with sake pairing.

DrinksSake/Soju, Beer and Wine

Noise LevelCivilized