Totto Ramen

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80 Good

The cramped space and long wait times are worth it for some of the best noodles and broth in town.

366 W. 52nd St., New York, NY, 10019


Known For

The lowdown

Totto — first known for its Bourdain-approved midtown yakitori shop — made a name for itself in the ramen world by packing a narcotizing amount of chicken fat into its ramen. In fact, this soup is so schmaltzy, you might think they cooked down a whole brood of hens for each bowl. The basic offering — which can be ordered classic, spicy, or spiked with miso — is minimally adorned with just raw scallion, a single sheet of nori, your choice of chicken or pork chashu, and some additional shredded chicken. The simplicity allows slurpers to focus on the satisfyingly dense egg noodles and the deeply comforting poultry broth.

What you need to know

DrinksSake/Soju, Beer & Wine Only

Noise LevelCivilized