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April 18, 2011

Cover Story
On the Cover: Photograph by Danny Kim/New York Magazine.
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Feature Article

  • The Hiring Gap

    A comparison of the ten most valuable U.S. companies now and in 1964.

  • Trouser Math

    Cotton inflation means more skinny jeans.

  • Franzenian Democracy

    Obama’s Freedom-y new definition of freedom.

  • Expect Delays

    Both sides painted the White House’s now-gutted high-speed-rail plan as revolutionary. If only.

  • The Best Baguettes in Town

    , founder of Le Fooding, a culinary movement.

  • Gay Bars

    The (legal) sex-club scene in Paris is lively.

  • Pho and Romazava

    Where to find Vietnamese, Madagascar, and Cambodian cuisine in Paris.

  • The Return of Fancy French Food

    A flock of recent openings signals that the serious white-­tablecloth restaurant is making a big comeback.

  • Three Places Parisians Try to Get In To

    (And where you might want to end up instead.)

  • What Parisians Are Saying

    The new slang.

  • What They’re Wearing

    The Scarf (l’écharpe). Not the classic carré Hermès silk scarf.

  • Parisians Are Talking About …

    The city’s most-discussed figures of the moment.

  • Les Bobos

    An illustrated guide

  • Portraits Of the Goutte d’Or

    British photographer Martin Parr documented life in the working-class.

  • Hospitality Report

    Paris, unlike Asian capitals, has never been known for service with a smile (or service at all).

  • Two In-Demand Neighborhoods

    Life in le Haut Marais and Jaurès.

  • The Urbanist’s Paris

    Nationalism, haute-cuisine revivalism, bobo-ism.

  • 116 Minutes With Cecile Richards

    The Planned Parenthood boss carries on the fight late into a Washington night, armed with talking points and her mother’s lucky ring.

  • How Are You… How Are You All?

    Dispatches from the Middle East and North Africa to loved ones in New York.

  • Rarity: Listenable Thai Dance Music

    Unless you’re a fan of copycat Korean pop, you likely won’t enjoy most modern Thai music.

  • Big Apple vs. Big Mango

    Turns out we’re not so different after all. Ex-Brooklynite Colin Cheney offers some analogs.

  • The Mall With Nine Lives

    Fashion writer Chalisa Viravan offers five places to shop, eat, and be entertained within.

  • Where Locals Would Stay If They Weren’t Locals

    The five-star Dusit Thani, the St. Regis, and more.

  • Neighborhood Battle

    It’s a rivalry you find in every metropolis.

  • The Toughest Tables in Thailand

    Reservations were once unheard of in ultra&nsash;ad hoc Bangkok.

  • Speak Thai Like a ‘Dek Naew’

    The Thai language is as trend-obsessed as the dek naew, or fashionable youths, who invent it.

  • The Urbanist’s L.A.

    Downtown debate, shock art, and fake real hiking.

  • What If Protests Erupt Again?

    If you’re brave (or foolhardy) enough to want a closer view, head for theAmarin Plaza mall.

  • Fear Not Street Meat

    To eat like a Thai is to eat on the street.

  • The Urbanist’s Bangkok

    A Phoenix-like mall, newly coined street slang, and Thai cowboys.

  • Funny People

    Marc Maron on L.A.’s comedy scene.

  • Comments: Week of April 25, 2011

    Readers sound off on Peter Orszag, Lynn Tilton, and more.

  • The Best Bet

    You shouldn’t be wasting time at the airport luggage carousel waiting for your checked-in bag to show up.

  • His Way

    Joel Grey has learned to be more positive about life. Which is a good thing, because he’s so damn busy.

  • The Look Book Goes to Paris: Serena de Mouroux-Phelan, Ninth-Grader

    “I want to be an actress.”

  • The Spring-Collaboration Compatibility Meter

    Appraising the latest brand&nsash;designer flings.

  • A Very Brooklyn B&B

    A four-room bed-and-breakfast called 3B opens in Downtown Brooklyn

  • New Stuff

    Customizable shelving units, a water-resistant picnic blanket, and more new stuff in New York stores.

  • Sheep’s-Milk Ricotta

    Some insist that it’s not spring until the sheep’s-milk ricotta from Dancing Ewe Farm in Granville, New York, arrives.

  • Earl’s a Pearl

    Up in East Harlem, a former U.S. Navy&nsash;submarine cook is making some of the best (and cheesiest) bar food in town.

  • Desolation Row

    Katy Grannan lets her subjects direct her—and they often reveal far more than they expect.