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Summer 12 Weddings

Cover Story
On the Cover: Photograph by Andrew Eccles for New York Magazine. Styling by Ise White for Artists by Timothy Priano. Market by MaryKate Boylan. Hair by Ryan Cotton for Jed Root, Inc. Makeup by Quinn Murphy for Chanel/Artists by TimothyPriano. Fashion Assistant: Mickey Woods. My Beloved embroidered tulle gown by Reem Acra, $13,000; French birdcage veilwith crystals by Leah C. Couture Millinery, $325; Elsa Peretti Diamonds by the Yard platinum necklace, $18,500 at Tiffany & Co.;3-carat cushion-cut diamond ring, 10-carat round-diamond bracelet, and 5.75-carat diamond earrings, all by Kwiat, prices uponrequest. David Austin garden rose, tulip, and ranunculus bouquet by Allow Me Event Design, $200.
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  • Coming Soon

    The Risk Portfolio

    The season’s most inspired gowns dare to be remembered.

  • Coming Soon

    Left of Centerpiece

    The new genus of table topper is anything but predictable. (Case in point: These are made of paper.)

  • Coming Soon

    Menu Wars

    When choosing a meal plan, you can go formal or familiar. Just do it with a twist.

  • Coming Soon

    MoMA or Met?

    Museum-worthy creations for appreciators of both contemporary and classical cake art.

Ask the Experts

  • The Gown Merchant

    “Formal bridal shops are all chandeliers and Champagne; we’re more mason jars and margaritas.”

  • The Photographer

    “It’s easy to shoot people who are happy. Brides feel beautiful, the parents are happy—it’s a joyous occasion.”

  • The Bra Lady

    “I’ve been to so many weddings where the woman spends all night hiking up her dress. We don’t stand for that.”

  • The Makeup Artist

    “If you’re Gisele, you can wear just mascara and ChapStick. Most women can’t get away with that.”

  • The Caterers

    “We’ve done events in private jets at 36,000 feet and cooked for 300 people from a changing room at Saks.”

  • The Wedding Doctor

    “Therapy is about learning how to create a time and space each week to really talk and listen to one another.”

The Checklist

  • Let’s Get Physical

    Head-to-toe fixer-uppers for the makeover-minded bride.

  • More Than Words

    Punchy colors and bold typography set this stationery apart from the rest of the mailbag.

  • The Worst-Case-Scenario Crib Sheet

    Because things don’t always go as planned.

  • “We Survived Hurricane Irene”

    How one couple made it work when everything went wrong.

  • Prints Are the New Polaroids

    And five other new-wave crazes creeping onto the radars of wedding bloggers.


  • The Vacation Compromise

    Win-win trips for couples with different ideas of what it means to vacation.

  • Your Kind of Yurt

    Luxury takes on tired old travelogues.

  • Honey Do Good

    Philanthropic journeys for selfless newlyweds.

Style Guide

  • Here Comes the Bride

    Browse 110 wedding dresses from non-traditional suits to vintage-inspired.

  • Statement Suits

    Graphic prints, plaids, and more options for the groom.

  • So Clutch

    Tiny bags for a big day.

  • Statement Décolletage

    Every neckline has its necklace.

  • Skip the Veil

    Channel your inner wood nymph instead.

  • One Dress, Four Ways

    A quartet of stylists gussy up a budget gown, with a little help from two hair and makeup pros.


  • The Great Indoors-Outdoors

    Ten open-air venues, each with a plan B interior option should the weather act up.

  • A $25 Wedding Venue? Yes, But …

    The savvy way to wed in a city park.

  • Country Strong

    Idyllic farmhouse properties within striking distance of Manhattan.

  • Enough With the Wine and Cheese

    Cocktail hour is a time to experiment.

  • The D.J.-or-Band Debate

    It’s a conundrum for the ages. To settle the score, we liquored up two seasoned D.J.’s and two veteran band leaders and let them take it to the mats.

  • Eight Other Acts Guaranteed to Pack a Dance Floor

    Eight music acts guaranteed to pack a dance floor.

  • In It to Win It

    An old superstition still inspires healthy competition.

  • So Where’s the After-Party?

    Eight late-night options for post-reception high jinks.

  • Speech! Speech!

    Most newlyweds take to the mike at some point during their nuptials, often delivering overly sappy soliloquies.


  • With the City As Your Witness

    Not every wedding crasher is unwelcome. Here, eight couples’ chance encounters and the strangers who made them memorable.

  • Speakeasy Soirée

    Ruby Sheng and Jason Nichols’s speakeasy soirée.

  • Etsy-Eclectic Fête

    Carla Schmidt and Mark Silk’s Etsy-eclectic fête.

  • Coolly Coiffed Family Affair

    Caroline De Sousa and Zak Mascolo’s coolly coiffed family affair.

  • Color-Coordinated Dinner Party

    Emily Kollars and Annabelle Rinehart’s color-coordinated dinner party.

  • Barnyard Bacchanal

    Charlotte Adams and Max Bertz’s barnyard bacchanal.


  • Lord of the Rings

    The band for the modern groom.

  • The Right Fit

    Real groom-to-be Curtis Flanagan needs a suit for his summer nuptials. We gave him three—then asked the ladies in his life fortheir honest opinions.

  • Not a Shot Glass in Sight

    Grown-up gifts for grown-up groomsmen.

  • He’s Got the Beat

    Some grooms aren’t content being spectators.Meet three locals with a nuptial specialty.

  • The Elevated Bachelor Party

    Bragging rights without the shame.

  • Let Him Eat Groom’s Cake

    Eight confections designed with specific fiancés in mind.

  • You Clean Up Nice!

    A six-step manscaping primer.