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Winter 07 Weddings

Cover Story
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  • Coming Soon

    Get Me to the Wedding!

    Fabulous wedding gowns worn in theatrical transit.

  • Coming Soon

    From the Runway

    Twenty-five modern dresses embodying this season’s freshest bridal fashion trends.

  • Coming Soon

    Meet Your Match

    The city’s top pastry and floral designers team up to make ideal cake-and-centerpiece pairings for five hypothetical New York wedding receptions.

New York Nuptials

  • Scenes From an Elopement

    How a Canadian couple tied the knot in New York City.

The Album

  • Winter Bash in Brooklyn

    Lydia Hamza & Gustavo Marcus atStage 6 at Steiner Studios, Brooklyn Navy Yard.

  • Springtime Fête in the Country

    Ali Dwyer & Philip Edwards atSacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Church and the Meadow Club, Southampton, Long Island.

  • Black-Tie at the Club

    Lizz van Wilgen & Tyrone Smith atThe Metropolitan Club.

  • Late Night in a Loft

    Anne-Marie Brule & Brandon Kavulla atPeter White Studios.

  • Drinking and Dancing on the Lawn

    Jose Castro & Nathan Orsman ata private residence, Southampton, Long Island.

  • Minimalist Cocktail Party

    Lauren Selsky & Carlos Hall atBanchet Flowers.

The Honeymoon

  • Where Won’t It Be Hurricane Season?

    How to find the ideal destination for the season you choose to marry in.

  • Where to Go for One Week

    Three brief stints for three different budgets.

  • Where to Go For Two Weeks

    Longer trips for vacation-day-hoarding couples.

Planners’ Picks

  • Shoe and Gown Dyers

    Shoe Service

  • Destination Wedding Gurus

    David Reinhard Events, Marcy Blum, and more.

  • Rentals

    Props for Today, Taylor Creative Inc, and more.

  • Guest Transportation

    Altour Limousine, Farrell Limousine, and more.

  • Tents

    Stamford Tent & Event Services, Sperry Tents, and more.

  • Child Care

    Babysitter’s Guild, Pinch Sitter’s Agency, and more.


  • Tradeoffs

    What you could get for the same price as..

Ask the Experts

  • The Gown Designer

    “When shopping for a veil to match your gown, one-sixteenth of an inch trim is the ideal.”

  • The Event Designer

    “Consider things not intended for wedding-industry consumption.”

  • The Stationer

    “Do programs that look like miniature booklets. They’re unexpected and stylish.”

  • The Caterer

    “It’s a waste to make guests sit down to a plated dessert.”

  • The Cake-Maker

    “Transporting a cake from downtown to Midtown can be a nightmare.”

  • What to Register For

    Six designers and a chef weigh in on your newlywed gifts: what to register for and why.

The Reception

  • The Top 20 Reception Ideas

    Event planners’ greatest hits.

  • The Making of a Couture Invitation

    What does creating a wedding invite from scratch entail? Here, the backstories to five bespoke sets, starting with a step-by-step account of how Lisa Hoffman, of Ceci New York, custom-made one for an Art Nouveau&nsash;loving couple.

  • Liquored Up

    Six seasonal drinks, created by Jason Kosmas of Employees Only, rated on a scale of one to delicious.

  • A Dream Wedding Menu for Each Season

    Four New York City chefs design seasonal wedding menus.

  • Who Needs a Top Toque?

    Five caterers and event planners who can get a great chef (or create equally impressive meals).

  • How Much for Over-the-top?

    A Technicolor reception in the Frederick P. Rose Hall, home of Jazz at Lincoln Center, annotated and itemized.

  • Bang for Your Buck

    An affordable venue is not impossible to find.Here, a short list of places to start (or end) your search.

  • The Wedding-Spending Diaries

    Four New York couples track all their major costs.

  • Wisdom for the Haggling Bride and Groom

    A contract isn’t set in stone until you sign it. Here’s how to make sure you get what you want.

  • How to Keep Your Guests Happy

    Be considerate, play good music, keep an open bar, and more.

  • Welcome, Out-of-Towners

    How to be a good host when your local reception is a destination wedding for many of your guests.

  • Visitors’ Swag: Open Upon Arrival

    While favors are an unnecessary expense, welcome bags for out-of-town guests are not. Don’t skimp with a bottle of water and a bag of peanuts.

  • Itinerary: The Thursday-to-Sunday Guide

    The luxe concierge service Quintessentially schedules an hour-by-hour, day-to-day hypothetical plan to keep out-of-town visitors entertained (and out of your hair)

  • It’s 1 a.m. Do You Know Where Your Guests Are?

    A crew of four New York nightlife experts plan wee-hour high jinks, from a limbo party in Chinatown to a raucous sleepover in the Bowery Hotel.

Style Counsel

  • Wedding Gowns

    The dos and don’ts of buying a wedding gown.

  • Lingerie

    Dos and don’ts when buying wedding lingerie.

  • Tuxes and Suits

    The dos and don’ts for wedding tuxes and suits.

  • Accessories

    The dos and don’ts when buying wedding accessories.

  • Veils

    Dos and don’ts when buying a wedding veil.

  • Beauty

    Dos and don’ts for your wedding day.

How To

  • Insure Your Engagement Ring

    Three helpful tips on insuring your ring.

  • Word Your Invitations

    Nine helpful tips for wording your invitations.

  • Create a Wedding Website

    Three helpful tips on creating your site.

  • Get Wedding Insurance

    Three helpful tips for getting insured.

  • Make a Successful Seating Chart

    Six helpful tips on creating a seating chart.

  • Have a Green Wedding

    Three helpful tips for planning an eco-friendly wedding.

  • Serve a Signature Cocktail

    Five helpful tips on serving a customized cocktail.

The Bridal Party

  • The New Bridesmaid’s Dress Code

    Three New Yorkers—who, combined, have done the bridesmaid stroll 14 times this year—model a dozen keepers.

  • The Party Primer

    Surely most of your friends aren’t natural-born master-logisticians. Here, ideas for the festivities they’ll be planning for you in the months to come.

  • Gifts They Won’t Secretly Re-Gift

    Gift ideas for bridesmaids.

  • Bill of Honor

    A New York bridesmaid tabulates a year’s worth of expenses. Brides, take note!

  • Bachelorette Bar Crawl

    Single in Soho for one more night.


  • Sample-Sale Sleuthing

    How to get an amazing dress on the cheap.

Try It

  • Custom Dressmaker

    Kim Hicks, Bergdorf Goodman.

  • Personal Shopper

    Julie Sabatino, The Stylish Bride.

  • Hair Extensions


  • Botox

    Dr. Amy Wechsler.

  • Isolaz

    Dr. Doris Day.

  • SmartLipo

    Dr. Bruce Katz.

  • Lash Extensions

    Uptown Girl.

  • Medi Pedi

    Dr. Alexander Fish.

  • Teeth Whitening

    Dentabrasion, Dr. Lana Rozenberg.

  • Lighting Design

    Bentley Meeker Lighting & Staging.

  • Vegetarian Catering


  • Ice Sculptures

    Okamoto Studio.


  • Where Was Your Rehearsal Dinner?

    Five couples dish on their rehearsal dinner restaurants.

  • Who Did You Hire to Play at Your Wedding?

    Five couples talk about who they hired to play music on their wedding day.

  • Who Was Your Photographer?

    Five couples weigh in on wedding photographers.

  • Eight-Planner Poll: What are Some Little-Known Drawbacks to Popular Venues?

    Eight planners discuss little known drawbacks to popular wedding venues.