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Winter 09 Weddings

Cover Story
On the Cover: Photograph by Wendelien Daan for New York Magazine. Market by Aja Mangum. Hair by Jon Ruidant for See Management. Makeup by Sil Bruinsma for Dior Beauty. Styling by Lisa Von Weise. Bouquet by Bridget Vizoso for the Designers’ Co-op, $230; French veil by Bride’s Head Revisited, $200.
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  • Something Magical

    You’re already the center of attention. Make the most of it in dresses that float, fly, shimmer, and transform.

  • Rose Revival

    They’ve become a romantic cliché, but with these fresh takes, the almighty flower regains its glory.

  • Let Them Wear Color

    They might be in the background, but bridesmaids don’t have to be drab.

  • Meet the Press

    Intricate designs and old-world printing techniques make for invitations that look like keepsakes.

  • Dinner Is Served

    Mouthwatering wedding menus inspired by the harvest season.

The Album

  • Love Pops Up

    A Vegas-style (temporary) wedding chapel opens on the Lower East Side.

  • Grand Manhattan Blowout

    If Jess and Mark’s relationship has a theme, it’s that no gesture is too grand.

  • Retro Downtown Soirée

    The initial details of Emily and Ben’s February wedding pretty much planned themselves.

  • Rustic Country Celebration

    Karen and Frank’s old fixer-upper upstate was the natural choice for the occasion.

  • Breezy-Afternoon Vow Exchange

    Edward and Mark might not have wed at all if same-sex marriage wasn’t so topical.

  • City Hall Wedding in Three Parts

    Stacey and Jörg got engaged at Le Bernardin, but their wedding was a less haute affair.

  • Offbeat Brooklyn Affair

    A shared passion for indie music and design brought Melissa and Vince together.

  • So, How Did You Meet?

    New York couples from the past four decades open up their wedding albums.

  • We Went to City Hall

    “We had two engagement parties, I had two bachelorette parties, so I guess it was fitting that we had two ceremonies, as well.”

The Honeymoon

  • The Big Getaway

    From the beaches of Puglia to Peru’s towering verdant peaks, four romantic and restorative destinations.

  • Action Figures

    “Did you” or “didn’t you” on your wedding night? 942 respondents e-mailed us the intimate details.

Ask the Experts

  • The Gown Designer

    “Brides want less decoration and more clean lines. It’s not about poufy dresses anymore.”

  • The Floral Designer

    “The over-the-top orchid spray feels very dated. The trend now is toward more organic-looking flowers.”

  • The Stationers

    “Our designs are nontraditional, so we like to marry them with more formal wording.”

  • The Cake Designer

    “There aren’t many organic-wedding-cake designers. You can have something beautiful and more healthy.”

  • The Jewelers

    “People come to us because they can’t find what they want in other jewelry stores.”

The Checklist

  • What to Get the Bridal Party

    Because really, nobody wants a paperweight.

  • Hire an Art Student to Address Your Invitations

    Cost-saving, stress-reducing solutions to those unsexy wedding-planning tasks.

  • Etsy Will Thee Wed

    Not so crafty yourself? No problem. Online emporium Etsy boasts a wealth of charming, handmade wedding-ready items.

  • The Dress Hunters

    For many women, Kleinfeld is where the search begins and ends. We eavesdropped one Saturday.

  • You, Slightly Improved

    What may be the most heavily documented day of your life calls for expertise.

  • Smooch!

    It’s a big day for kissing. Five lipsticks to keep handy.

Style Guide

  • Dig In!

    A cornucopia of delicious dresses starts here.

  • The Finishing Touches

    The top layer is another chance to accessorize; shoes sparkle and float you down the aisle.

  • Your Other Wardrobe

    What you wear beneath should be just as pretty.

The Reception

  • Feel Transported …

    … without having to venture far at these one-of-a-kind New York&nsash;area venues.

  • … Or Actually Skip Town

    Escape before the honeymoon even begins with these choice destinations.

  • Before You Go

    If you’re determined to have a destination wedding, the experts would like to tell you …

  • Sweet!

    Delectable confections to satisfy every taste and budget.

  • The Warm-Up

    Five seasonal concoctions to kindle the evening.

  • Get With the Band

    Eleven versatile musical ensembles that will keep the party on the dance floor all night long.

  • The Song Need Not Remain the Same

    Memorable first-dance selections from local musicians.

  • The Guests Know Best

    We polled 100 New York wedding-goers to find out what was memorable, and what they would sooner forget, from recent celebrations.