Celines Toribio

Celines Toribio — or simply Celines, as she is known to her fans — is a well-known Spanish television personality residing in New York City. Celines began her television career in 1995 as host of the popular program Sabado Al Mediodia (Saturday at Midday), a variety and entertainment show that was the number-one-rated local Spanish TV program on Univision's New York affiliate, WXTV-41, for more than six years. Celines was also a featured entertainment reporter on WXTV's local newscast as the host of Galeria (Gallery), a daily live gossip and entertainment segment, and Mi Gente (My People), a weekly segment that profiled and interviewed famous Latino personalities. During Celines' tenure at WXTV, she was wildly popular with viewers and made appearances at local Latino events such as the Puerto Rican Day Parade and Dominican Day Parade.

In 1997, Celines received national exposure on Univision, the nation's dominant Spanish-language television network, as the on-air host for the network's coverage of Miami's Calle Ocho street festival. Later, Celines became a reporter for Univision's weekly primetime series Fuera de Siere (Something Outrageous), and an entertainment reporter for El Gordo y La Flaca (Fatso and Skinny), the network's daily entertainment news and gossip show.

Celines has interviewed almost every major Latino celebrity and personality — Ricky Martin, Luis Migel, Celia Cruz — has been a regular television fixture in her home country of the Dominican Republic.

Fans of Celines will recognize her as she brings her unique personality and relationships with the Latino artist community to her first English-language television project, Urban Latino. Celines can also be heard weekdays on the radio on WCAA-Latino Mix 105.9.


Johnny Salgado

Johnny was born and raised in the New York area. At an early age, his parents introduced him to the world of music, exposing him to styles ranging from romantic Spanish boleros to the wild rock music of KISS. After studying music engineering in college, Johnny took a job at the Institute of Audio Research (NYC). There, he came across a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to audition for the first bilingual merengue-hip-hop musical group that would take the Latino market by storm: Proyecto-Uno (Project One).

This multi-platinum recording group reached worldwide fame quickly, and Johnny got the opportunity to work with well-known producers and musicians such as Jelly-Bean Benitez (Madonna's producer), Tito Puente, and Reel to Real (to name a few). He has toured with Proyecto Uno throughout the U.S., Latin America, Europe, and Asia, and has performed on major TV networks. Johnny is still an active member of Proyecto Uno; the group is currently working on their fifth CD.

Johnny's voice characterizations, electric energy, and sense of humor make him a favorite with TV and radio interviewers everywhere. He has also worked on print, radio, and TV ads with such prestigious companies as FUBU and Bud Light, and was featured in a soon-to-be-released Spike Lee film.



Brooklyn-born Noemi is in many ways representative of today's young, U.S.-born Latina. Of Paraguayan descent, she understands what it's like to live in two distinct and sometimes conflicting cultures. She juggles work and college while still making time for her family and a busy social life.

Performing since the age of four, Noemi is talented actress, singer, and dancer who has been featured in numerous music videos, commercials, and theatrical musicals. In 1999, as a Sony Epic Records recording artist, she was a member of Tre-O, a soulful group of three young Latinas who were likened to a Latin Destiny's Child.

Currently, Noemi is in her senior year at New York's Hunter College, majoring in Film and Media Studies. Combine her training with her natural ability in front of the camera, and you can be assured you'll see and hear more about Noemi in the years to come.