School of Rock

Spotlight: Mike White
Fans who recall Chuck & Buck—and the eerie sight of writer-actor Mike White as Buck, staring forlornly through a bedroom window while his buddy has sex—may be shocked to find that White’s written the Jack Black classroom comedy School of Rock. But, says White (pictured, with Sarah Silverman), “there’s a parallel between Buck and Jack’s character. They both have a complete resistance to a certain stage of development.” These twitchy Peter Pans never grow up—in School of Rock, the rising indie star and Tenacious D front man plays a megalomaniacal rock wannabe—and they admit that childhood often hurts. “I wanted to stay away from that Mrs. Doubtfire crap, because the movies I loved weren’t delicate when it came to how adults deal with kids,” says White. “If Bad News Bears was made today, it wouldn’t be PG—it’d be a hard-R.” Especially if, like School of Rock, it was directed by Richard Linklater.
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Opens October 3
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