Overheard: What the Audience Really Thought About ‘Children of Men’

It was a little too violent for my tastes. Make love, not war.
Sara Bekele, 22, cancer-research associate

I was really impressed with the art direction—it just really captured the creepiness of what the world could be like.
Don Callan, 37, financial manager

Well, I read the book. P. D. James writes a real suspense novel, but the director just tries to show the despicableness of men.
Rosemarie T., “over 55,” retired

I’ve never seen a film with such a somber background that could be so inspiring at the same time.
Howard Goldberg, “old enough to know who I am as a person,” head of Adventure on a Shoestring

I’m coming to see it again, so what does that say? I just didn’t see a lot of it coming, and I think I’ll catch a lot more the second time.
Andrew Adair, 20, “I make movies”

I loved that [name of star omitted so as not to spoil the plot] was killed off early. It takes balls to kill off an A-lister at that point!
Danielle Stein, 26, editor

Overheard: What the Audience Really Thought About […]