“I don’t know why it’s not doing well. I don’t think that people necessarily got that it was supposed to be funny. I mean, honestly, she has a gun for a leg.”
Chris Lock, 34, sales consultant

“It wasn’t too gory. 300 is probably gorier. But the one with the car could be more realistic about road rage and crazy people.”
Eric Thomas, 34, chef

“I’m from India and watch really long Bollywood movies, so [the length] was fine. And both movies had feminist narratives, which I wasn’t expecting.”
Ruhi Jiwani, 31, former social worker

“My favorite part was when the three girls beat up that guy—they just roughed him up!”
Dawne Glover, 20, works at a movie theater

“It was long and Tarantino’s was slow—very overindulged.”
Kaytee Stoppe, 29, lingerie buyer