On Deck: October DVDs

1. Warner Home Video Directors Series: Stanley Kubrick (Warner)
Remastered HD, Blu-Ray, and standard DVD editions of 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jacket, The Shining, Eyes Wide Shut.
You might also like: Paths of Glory, Killer’s Kiss (not included).

2. No End in Sight (Magnolia)
Whatever your politics, Charles Ferguson’s Iraq War doc is a devastating clinical diagnosis with extraordinary sources—all the more powerful for keeping its cool.
Build your own military boxed set with: Iraq in Fragments, The War Tapes, Gunner Palace, Control Room.

3. My So-Called Life (Shout! Factory)
Your irrational affection for Claire Danes? This is why. Host a wake in her show’s short-lived honor with this depressingly small complete-series boxed set.
Also starring Danes: Shopgirl, Stage Beauty, Terminator 3.

4. A Mighty Heart (Paramount)
Every once in a while, the world’s hottest humanitarian reminds us that she can be a terrific actress. For the Mariane Pearl story, Angelina Jolie pairs up with a comrade-in-arms, director Michael Winterbottom.
You might also like: The Road to Guantánamo, In This World, United 93.

5. Day Night Day Night (Genius)
The startling second film from emerging New York talent Julia Loktev, about a suicide bomber in Times Square.
Make it a double feature with: Man Push Cart, Ramin Bahrani’s film about a Pakistani street-cart vendor, one of the most exciting New York debuts in years.

… and the rest …

6. Twin Peaks: Definitive Gold Box Edition Now with more midgets.
7. I Am Cuba. Scorsese’s favorite propaganda.
8. 28 Weeks Later.
9. Transformers
10. Breathless. The French New Wave, reborn, remastered.
11. Treasures III: Social Issues in American Film, 1900–1934. An angry fix of underground Americana.
12. Barbara Stanwyck Signature Collection.
13. Spider-Man: The High Definition Trilogy. Test out the new Blu-Ray player.
14. Meerkat Manor: Complete First Season.. A round, silver babysitter.
15. Crazy Love. Tabloid romance, amok.
16. Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Complete Series. No comment.
17. The Sopranos: Season 6, Part 2. Parse the end. Again.

On Deck: October DVDs