Booty Caller: Romany Malco

Photo: Peter Field Peck/Landov

Fans of Weeds were bummed when Showtime announced that Romany Malco would not be returning as Mary-Louise Parker’s impious business partner and finally requited squeeze. But they can (some consolation) see him in The Love Guru, playing a romance-challenged hockey champ whose foundering marriage is now in the hands of the second-best guru in India. He spoke with Emma Pearse.

Why aren’t you in the new season of Weeds? Your character, Conrad, and Nancy finally got together. Now you’re leaving?
I know. I hear you. I don’t know what it is about that woman. Let’s just say, I did enjoy my camera time with her. But by the time I was getting situated for what Showtime had in store, they were like, no, we’re not bringing you back. And I’ve gotta be real: My managers thought it wasn’t a bad idea.

Aside from The Love Guru, are there things in the pipeline?
There are. The thing I’m most excited about—you’re going to laugh—I’ve been developing a character called Tijuana Jackson. T.J. is a former convict currently under house arrest. He has three women that he lives with, women he utilized to solicit sex. So the court has made a stipulation: You stay out of jail as long as you support these women. I’m going to be releasing one episode a week on YouTube to test out the response.

Conrad was quite earnest compared with the semi-fratty funnymen you’ve played (The 40-Year-Old Virgin, etc.).
It’s weird because my family is from Trinidad, which is a very storytelling culture. Humor is looked upon as a great escape. But with West Indian culture, the humor doesn’t necessarily have to land on a punch line. It’s comedy and reality. Now, when I’m in a room full of comedic actors, I just don’t feel like the funny guy who can tell a story in that way. It’s not my strong suit.

Is comedy a way of avoiding the sometimes clichéd roles black actors get offered?
The offers that come in for me are for the funny black guy. The point is, I am trying to give myself free range to do any depiction. I’m stubborn. It might behoove me to give in a little bit—as my managers say to me. But they can’t even tell me that shit because they represent Sacha Cohen. And Will Ferrell.

Back to The Love Guru. Any on-set gossip?
Well, I met my fiancée on the set. She was doing stunts for Jessica Alba and I said, ‘Oof, that’s a good-looking woman.’ Oh, and here’s some gossip: The best way to build a booty on the planet is to put on some ice skates. You will build muscles on the top of your booty, on the side of your booty.

Does that explain the lovely booty shot during your make-out session with Mary-Louise?
Well, that was my pre-hockey booty. My post-hockey booty…

That must be quite a booty.
It hurt, but it was worth it.

The Love Guru.
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Booty Caller: Romany Malco