Señor Guevara, You Look Familiar

Photo: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

film the hunky actor who plays che his greatest weakness his highs and lows hero-worship scale CHESteven Soderbergh, 2008 Benicio Del Toro Asthma Takes the town of Santa Clara with a ragtag army, but executes two rapists.

CHE GUEVARAJosh Evans, 2005 Eduardo Noriega Self-doubt Cures a young boy of parasites, but executes a traitor.

THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES Walter Salles, 2004 Gael García Bernal Relentless honesty Refuses gloves when working with lepers, but rudely maligns a generous doctor’s novel.

FIDEL David Attwood, 2002 Gael García Bernal A fondness for executions Inspires Fidel to carry on with the revolution, then gets on his case about the Cuban Missile Crisis.

MONTY PYTHON LIVE AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL1982 Michael Palin His lack of knowledge of English football Doesn’t execute the game-show host, but doesn’t execute Mao Tse-tung, either.

CHE! Richard Fleischer, 1969 Omar Sharif Idealism Teaches his men to read and write, but executes scads of traitors.

BLOODY CHE CONTRA Paolo Heusch, 1968 Francisco Rabal Doesn’t appear to have any Pays peasants double for food, and merely contemplates a heist to raise money for guerrillas.

Señor Guevara, You Look Familiar