Win Tickets to the New York Premiere of Cosmopolis

Given that we’re living in an age where the news is full of three-piece-suit-clad villains, David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis is an almost too perfect example of art imitating life. Robert Pattinson plays Eric Packer, a billionaire financier playboy who holds meetings, cheats on his wife, and has his doctor check his prostate—all out of his next-level, teched-out limousine. Just another day in the life of the rich and powerful, right? Wrong. As money starts to dwindle, the streets start to turn on the .1%, Packer’s seemingly perfect world starts to unravel around him.

We’d tell you the rest, but nobody likes a spoiler. That’s why we’re sending one lucky @NYMag follower (and a friend) to go see the New York premiere of the film—which debuted at Cannes—on August 13th. Here’s how you can win two tickets to Cosmopolis on Twitter:

1. Follow us at @NYMag.
2. Re-tweet (RT) the following phrase and hashtag: “Pick me for a chance to win tickets to the NYC premiere of #CosmopolisUS on 8/13! #nymagcosmopolis”

The contest starts at 1:00pm EST, and we’ll accept entries until 2:00pm EST. The winner will be announced shortly after the contest ends, so make sure you’re following @NYMag to “hear” the announcement.

Click here for official contest rules.

Win Tickets to the New York Premiere of Cosmop […]