Clarification: Bond Flick or In-Flight Shopping Catalogue?

Photo: Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Skyfall (2012)
Directed by Sam Mendes (American Beauty), the most acclaimed 007 movie since Casino Royale stars Daniel Craig as British secret agent James Bond and Javier Bardem as his albino adversary, a cyber-terrorist bent on dismantling MI6 and offing Bond’s boss, M. Adele’s title song is good enough to make you forget about previous, less catchy Bond themes by Jack White, Chris Cornell, and Madonna.

Photo: Everett Collection

Deadfall (1993)
Directed by Christopher Coppola (The Creature of the Sunny Side Up Trailer Park),the least acclaimed Nicolas Cage movie of all time stars Michael Biehn as con artist Joe Donan and James Coburn as his uncle, a grifter who may have stolen money from Joe’s dad. Cage’s over-the-top work as drug addict Eddie is bad enough to make you forget about all of his better performances.

Downfall (2004)
Directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel (Das Experiment), the most meme-spawning Holocaust movie of all time stars Bruno Ganz as Adolf Hitler and Rolf Kanies as Hans Krebs, a general bent on ruining the Führer’s day with bad news. YouTube parodies in which Hitler is angered by iPhone shortages and missing Justin Bieber’s eighteenth birthday party are delightful enough to make you forget about the film’s original dialogue.

Delivered quarterly to 20 million airplane-seat pockets, the most popular in-flight catalogue of all time features a selection of unusual goods available for purchase by passengers who prefer to do their shopping in the air. Not-available-in-stores products like air-conditioned hats, booze-dispensing golf clubs and two-person slankets are novel enough to make you forget you probably don’t need them.

Clarification: Bond Flick or In-Flight Shopping C […]