What I’m Watching Now

Photo: Joe Kohen/WireImage

Rachel Dratch, comedienne
“I like that Liam Sullivan clip called Shoes. Shoes! Whenever the word comes up in conversation I feel compelled to say it like he does. Shoes … Shoes … Shoes … Let’s get some shoes!”

Photo: Rabbani Solimene/WireImage

John Cameron Mitchell, filmmaker
“I’m an old faggot, so I’m watching Patti LaBelle, David Bowie, all the seventies variety shows. The most embarrassing thing on YouTube is a video of me singing a Phish song in my brother’s wedding. I don’t mind. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about.”

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Cory Arcangel, artist
“Basshunter’s music video for ‘Boten Anna’ was a hit a few summers ago in Sweden. A No. 1 pop song about a computer program is, of course, amazing, and something that can only happen in Scandinavia.”

Plus: What Russell Simmons, Amy Sedaris, Rashida Jones (and other, less-famous creative types) are watching on YouTube.

What I’m Watching Now