Tribeca Watch: Four Not to Miss

Photo: Courtesy of Filmlike

Directors: Paul Hasegawa-Overacker (“Paul H-O”) and Tom Donahue.
The Lowdown: H-O’s camera captures awkward early flirtations between him and Sherman (he’s her jilted ex) and more than a scene’s share of self-aggrandizing.
Look Out For: The moment when Julian Schnabel lets loose on H-O for a perceived slight, calling his public-access show “idiotic” and “masturbatory.”

Photo: James Ricketson/Courtesy of Discovery Films

Director: James Marsh.
The Lowdown: All about Philippe Petit, the Frenchman who staged a daring (and illegal) high-wire walk between the Twin Towers in 1974.
Look Out For: The stunning, heart-stopping finale.

Photo: John Espinosa/Courtesy of The Tribeca Film Festival

Directors: Steve Saporito and Zach Shaffer.
The Lowdown: A video diary of the former party at Don Hill’s—purportedly the city’s first-ever gay rock-and-roll night.
Look Out For: An endearingly nervous John Cameron Mitchell as he prepares to present his Hedwig material for the first time in public. Runner-up: Misstress Formika burning a photo of Giuliani as two beefcakes shoot fake blood from their posteriors.

Photo: Martha Rosler/Courtesy of White Buffalo Entertainment

Director: John Walter.
The Lowdown: Behind the curtain of the Public Theater’s 2006 Summerstage production of Brecht’s Mother Courage.
Look Out For: Rare footage of Meryl Streep preparing her role. The actress acknowledges that she never allows her rehearsals to be captured on film. Till now!

Tribeca Watch: Four Not to Miss