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Guest of Cindy Sherman
Paul Hasegawa-Overacker, Cindy Sherman’s jilted longtime boyfriend, made this self-serving but fantastically voyeuristic documentary about the couple’s relationship and dramatic breakup. We bring you an especially squirmy sequence in which Hasegawa-Overacker, visiting WFMU’s “Kelly Jones Show,” mopes about being the nameless plus-one to Sherman’s star-on-the-rise.

In this gritty family drama, Mariah Carey—who surprises us with her decidedly unglamorous portrayal of an abused waitress with dreams of becoming a singer—befriends two troubled brothers as they journey home. Here an unshielded Carey encounters one of the siblings as she struggles with a melody and lyrics.

The Zen of Bobby V
He’s big in Japan: This doc follows Mets legend Bobby Valentine, now the extremely popular manager of the Japan’s Chiba Lotte Marines baseball team, as he guides them through what may—or may not—be a storybook season. Here we see a giddy Valentine’s love for baseball—and Japan—on full display.

Gunnin’ for That #1 Spot
Adam Yauch’s fun, funky flick about a high-school invitational playoff in Harlem’s famed Rucker Park, easily one of the most entertaining documentaries on this year’s Tribeca slate, tracks among others Coney Island’s Lance Stephenson, who’s risen to the top of the pre-pro heap. This clip shows Stephenson getting his close-up on the way to the big game.

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Special Features