Preppy Murder

When: August 26, 1986

Eighteen-year-old Jennifer Levin (voted best looking in her class at the Baldwin school) is found strangled in Central Park. She had been drinking at Dorrian's Red Hand, a bar on the Upper East Side popular with prep school kids, and left the bar at 4:30am with 19-year-old dreamboat Robert Chambers. She's found dead two hours later. Later that day, Chambers admits to killing her but denies intending to hurt her. He says it was "rough sex" that got out of control. Chambers claims that Levin, whom he had dated in the past, tied him up with her panties and squeezed his testicles. He was just defending himself when she was accidentally killed. The jury doesn't buy it. After a 12-week trial, Chambers pleads guilty in a plea-bargain deal.

Then: "The death of Levin and the charge against Chambers stunned and baffled the city, and raised questions about the way children grow up in New York, about underage drinking in public bars and casual sex in Central Park." — from "East Side Story" by Michael Stone in the November 10, 1986 issue of New York Magazine.

Now : After serving 15 years in Prison, Robert Chambers was released on February 14, 2003 at the age of 36.