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Infamous Acts
35 scandals and crimes that we followed with a passion.
Girl next door: Amy Fisher

Did the headmistress mean to kill her lover?Did Von Bülow get away it? Why the hell would Mary Jo stay with Joey? Who's side are you on?

These are the stories that have captivated New York. Sometimes they hooked us with gossip, letting us play voyeur in the lives of celebrities, socialites, and mobsters. Sometimes they horrified or frightened us. Occasionally, they amused us. (Sorry, Leona.)

Who didn't make the list? The Osama-led attacks on New York City — certainly the most infamous act of the era — didn't . There is an entire section on September 11th instead. And we didn't include John Lennon's murder — an odd omission except that Michael Tomasky wrote a terrific feature on it elswhere in this 35th anniversary issue. Bernie Goetz doesn't show up either. Stanley Crouch takes care of him. The Donald-Marla-Ivana scandal provided frequent fodder for the tabloids, as did mayor Rudy and his loves, but with one notable exception, we stayed out of lovers' triangles.

So take a trip through the gallery, and then come back and tell us who you think should have been on the list.


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