Sexiest Crazy Person
Bijou Phillips

Why: Yes, we know that she regrets her past as a hell-raising, drug-taking rock-royalty nymphet (her father is Mamas and Papas front man John Phillips). That, at 23, she leads a vanilla life with boyfriend Sean Lennon. Yet, there will always be something wonderfully unhinged about Bijou, who still has the word DADDY tattooed on her derrière.

Sexiest Newly Available Man
Alexandre von Furstenberg

Why: An inspiration to bald men everywhere. A split from heiress wife Alexandra Miller has made the 33-year-old venture capitalist the hottest bachelor on the social circuit. Well, he was always hot; he just wasn’t officially available, though his public canoodling might have made you think otherwise. Too bad he already has an underage heiress girlfriend, Ali Kay. He’s rich (stepdad is Barry Diller), royal (dad is Prince Egon von Furstenberg), and respected (mom is Diane).

Photographed by Patrick McMullan.

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