Sexiest Shrink
Samantha Boardman

Why: Never off-duty when it comes to style, she even had her scrubs designed by Michael Kors when she was in med school. Who wouldn’t climb onto her couch? Graydon Carter, Todd Meister, James Truman, and her current boyfriend, real-estate developer Aby Rosen, already have.

Photographed by Stephanie Pfriender Stylander.

Sexiest Lead Singer
Diego Garcia
Why: Because the 25-year-old Argentine-American lead singer of Elefant (hyped as the next Strokes—join the club, boys!) is unapologetically wallowing in his rocker-stud status, even if he refuses to strip onstage.
Hot and boring: The Brown grad talks a good sensitivity game—“My mom’s my best friend!”—but says that he will, in a pinch, go for “hot and boring.” Hot women certainly seem to be the muses behind Elefant’s album. “ ‘Ester’ is a tongue-in-cheek love song to Ester Canadas,” he says. “ ‘Bokkie’ is the nickname I had for this South African model. I’ve dated a lot of models—and South Africans.”
Sex, Drugs, and Walgreens: Now Garcia is on a dating hiatus in favor of “just getting fucked up.” In San Francisco, he stayed at the legendary Phoenix Hotel, scored some “beautiful weed” from a busboy, and swam in his boxers, after which he walked to Walgreens in a towel “and had, like, seven dudes whistle at me.” And before we got off the phone, he gave us his number, claiming it was for professional reasons. Then he added: “So, if you’re awake one night and want a booty call . . . ”

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