You love them. You love to hate them. You dream of breaking them up. Meet New York’s hottest twosomes:  
  David Bowie & Iman: Do we even need to explain the pansexual appeal of the Thin White Duke and his tough-talking Somali bride? Quite possibly the coolest people in the world.

Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman: Forget the lousy novels: He’s a handsome scruff who wears chaps. And his Lancôme-ad goddess wife played the sexiest coke-head of all time.

Diane von Furstenberg and Barry Diller: So what if he was a confirmed bachelor for all those years? Now he’s a hot, affectionate partner in mutual moguldom. She’s “a modern-day Marlene Dietrich,” says friend Christian Louboutin. He’s clever, funny, and charmingly indiscreet.
  Matthew Barney and Björk: Otherworldly, intense, and fabulously creative. Imagine the pillow talk!

Kate Young and Amanda Moore:
Now, that’s lesbian chic. Kate’s an ex–Vogue-ette with Marilyn-blonde hair and a pixie face. Amanda’s a tall, dark runway regular. They recently posed, making out, for iD magazine. And why not?

Karenna Gore Schiff and Drew Schiff: Ex-Deadhead preppies who’ve graduated to a classic eight and cute kids. She’s smart and steely, but with a Clintonian charm gene that she obviously didn’t get from her dad. He’s a young doctor with old-family money. Gore ’04!