Sex symbols are, for the most part, disposable. And yet there are always those, particularly in this city, who defy logic, remaining sexy through the years—and sometimes becoming even sexier.  
  Lauren Hutton: The definition of an independent woman. And then there’s that magnificent gap . . .

David Letterman: New York’s other gap-toothed charmer.

Debbie Harry : Still the reigning goddess of hipsterdom.

Christie Brinkley: Is her genetic code missing the DNA for aging? As sunny and spry today as she was back in 1979, when she first seduced the nation on the cover of Sports Illustrated.
  Harvey Keitel: Forget Colin Farrell. Harvey Keitel is Hollywood’s real, and very New York, bad boy (is it any wonder he’s constantly in divorce court?).

Arthur Miller: He wrote Death of a Salesman. He married Marilyn Monroe. Enough said.

Marisa Berenson: Unlike most Studio 54 alums, Berenson has avoided becoming a “Where Are They Now?” tragedy. When she’s at a party, she makes us believe it might never end.