Election Day NYC
  Brace Yourself for a Long Hard Count
What right to vote? The tumult over Election Day tallies springs out of the more basic constitutional failure to make ballots count.

See Chuck Run. And Run. And Run. And Run.
On the Cusp of a second term in the U.S. Senate, Chuck Schumer seems to have Albany on the brain. It's one way, at least, to escape the shadow of Hillary.

  Eminem's Anti-Bush Video
Eminem’s fans are the ultimate swing voters—Midwestern, middle-class, and overwhelmingly white. So it’s entirely possible that the strident Bush-bashing video for his new single, “Mosh,” might affect the election in ways that Michael Moore could only dream of.
Election Night Parties
Get lucky at the Votergasm.org party at P.M. ... Check out the comedians and malcontents at the Bowery Poetry Club... Watch it go down at Crobar, which is airing the proceedings on a giant TV screen.
  Amy Sohn on Sex with Republicans
Can a Bush voter and a Kerry voter find happiness together? Maybe for a little while.

Shrinks on Election Anxiety
Bush rage, sexual dysfunction, sudden fear of sushi. Shrinks on what the election is doing to their patients.
Recent Features

Art Exhibits: Embrace Your Outrage
Four ways to blow off steam—or just get angrier—over the election.

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Published November 2004