Because Bush is not our fault...But we have nothing against Republicans
3 - Because we wouldn't trade a patch of grass for $528,783,552,000
4 - Because 8 million people or not, this is a small town
Reasons Michael J. Fox and Morgan Spurlock love New York
Because at least one person on this page will be justly famous by 2010
34 - Because we forgive
35 - Because a guy from Ecuador can sell soda off the back of a donkey, then come here and build a $120 million business—and all it takes is a few mattresses and an 800 number
36 - Because even our rodents are lovable
Because there are at least 39 ways in this town to get a new face...But not everyone does
Reasons Rosie Perez and Jesse L. Martin love New York
41 - Because on any night of the week, you can go to a naked college-dorm party, wrestle with a topless dominatrix, or suck a few toes
42 - Because we can sleep at night
43 - Because Gisele lives here
Reasons Edie Falco and Erica Jong love New York
46 - Because two adults can make a chic and spacious home out of 278 square feet
Reasons Ralph Fiennes, Deepak Chopra and Campbell Scott love New York
50 - Because October rocks
51 - Because instead of seeing ‘King Kong’ at the AMC Empire 25, you can see ‘Swordswoman of Huangjiang, VI' at MoMA
52 - Because you can get a nice plate of American hackleback sturgeon roe at 3 A.M.
Because in spite of everything, our hometown newspaper is still the greatest in the world...Next to 'The Villager'
55 - Because you can give kids a ball and some concrete, and they’ll invent a game called pegacide
56 - Because the Mets may have finally bought a team that's better than the Yankees
Because Marcia Gay Harden and Amy Sedaris love New York
Because Kathleen Turner and Jeff Daniels love New York
61 - Because Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams moved to Brooklyn
62 - Because we can make a global megacelebrity out of an unknown teenage hotel heiress
63 - Because on a random Saturday night, The Arcade Fire showed up on a street corner, strapped on their guitars, and tore through a set of Cure, Pixies, and New Order covers
Because Christians and Kabbalists, Wiccans and Zoroastrians, have a home here
Reasons Jeffrey Wright and Christy Turlington love New York
Because these catches are still single—and here are their phone numbers
111 - Because smart and chic can mean almost the same thing
112 - Because a dozen Krispy Kremes and a few good stock picks can make you $2 million a year
113 - Because a hooker performing CPR on a dead senator is a clever way to sell cell phones
114 - Because not all Wall Street bonuses get spent on limos, sushi, and strippers
Because we walk everywhere...In great shoes
117 - Because our doctors can give a two-pound eleven-ounce baby a long, healthy life
118 - Because the screaming crowds outside the ‘Today’ show, the throngs lined up outside the Empire State Building, and the Times Square hordes are having too much fun
119 - Because the fountain at the Brooklyn Museum makes music
Because Goldie Hawn and Matt Dillon love New York
122 - Because Agnes Gund loves New York
123 - Because, well, look around
124 - Michael De Feo, a.k.a. Flower Guy.
Street-art veteran Michael De Feo has spent more than a decade pasting whimsically uplifting silk-screened prints around the city (pictures at mdefeo.com); except for his trademark flower, he never repeats an image. His first giant flower, painted eleven years ago, still stands on East 23rd Street, between Second and Third Avenues.