Because These Four Couples All Went on a First Date on Saturday, December 2 (and Appear to Still Like Each Other)

Photo: Brad Paris

Jim Saint-Amour, 32
Jessica Bay, 21

How They Met
JESSICA: It was at a birthday party on top of the Marriott Marquis Hotel. There wasn’t a seat for me, so he pulled up an empty chair.
JIM: We kind of clicked immediately. She’s extremely easy to talk to. Her hair is the most gorgeous hair I’ve seen in my life.

How the Date Went
JESSICA: It was long, 5 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. We walked all the way from the financial district to Fedora in the West Village, and Fedora herself was actually there.
JIM: We talked about how I was a drummer on a cruise ship for four months. She’s my first woman off the ship.
JESSICA: He wanted to kiss me all night, but I wouldn’t let him.
IM: That’s fair.
JESSICA: We kissed on my roof. But nothing else!

What’s Next
JESSICA: We’re going skiing for the weekend in Colorado.
JIM: She was like, “I know we just met, but wanna go?”

Jason Birnbaum, 36
Chris Peters, 28
set designer

How They Met
JASON: I was at the Back Room with my friends, celebrating turning 36. I saw Chris at the bar, and I liked her pigtails. So I said, “It takes a lot of courage to rock pigtails.” Because it does.
CHRIS: I bought him a drink. A Jameson. For his birthday.

How the Date Went
JASON: We talked about our jobs. I’m a nice doctor.
CHRIS: Really?
JASON: I’m a psychologist. A sleep-disorder specialist.
CHRIS: That’s not a doctor!

What’s Next
JASON: I’m going to give her my phone number and hope that we’ll see each other again.
CHRIS: Well, he works at night, and I work during the day. We’ll have to meet up in between our bedtimes.

James Ryan, 39
professional recruiter
Danny Pollock, 43
folk-dance instructor

How They Met
JAMES: I noticed him immediately. We were sitting across the aisle from each other. I was looking at his smile and his eyes.
DANNY: We met at this event called Qwik Dates, which is basically gay speed dating. He stood out. We didn’t have a Qwik Date, so during the mingling period, I said, “I have to go talk to him.”

How the Date Went
JAMES: I don’t remember what we said. It was only three minutes.
DANNY: I told him that I noticed him and thought he had a wonderful aura about him.
JAMES: At the end, our computer cards matched.
DANNY: James was my top choice.

What’s Next
JAMES: Afterward, we went for a little walk and it was cold, so we, um, held each other close. And we kissed on our walk. Yeah, there were sparks.
DANNY: Sweetness ranks high for me. My friends make fun of me, but sweetness counts. And James is sweet.

Perri Katz, 16
high-school junior
Jason Pappadio, 17
high-school senior

How They Met
JASON: At a party on the Upper West Side.
PERRI: It was at a friend’s house, like three months ago. But we go to different schools.
JASON: I asked her out. I really like her.

How the Date Went
PERRI: We went to the Village Den Diner. It’s closest to where I live. We ate grilled cheeses! Our bill was $14. We talked about lots of stuff.
JASON: Yeah, stuff. And camp. I go to sleepaway camp. She goes to day camp.

What’s Next
PERRI: He went to a party afterward. So the diner was the end. I mean, the whole thing.
JASON: I want to see her again. Yeah! She’s really pretty.

Because These Four Couples All Went on a First Da […]