Because We Read

Photos: Jocelyn Guest

Natalia, 22, Hunter College psychology student, Boro Park
Twój Styl, a Polish magazine
“I usually read books about the Italian Mafia, but today I just wanted to read this fun magazine.”

Tamika Jacobs, 28, patient caretaker, Brooklyn
An Orthodox Prayer Book
“It has prayers for different reasons. You pray for your parents, you pray for your kids. It calms me down.”

Lucy Eagling, 29, lawyer, Carroll Gardens
The Emperor’s Children, by Claire Messud
“It’s about living in New York City, so it’s easy to relate to. It’s a good subway book. I got it from a friend.”

David Cotter, 22, Teach for America recruiter, Carroll Gardens
The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, by Robert Heinlein
“I’m not that into science fiction, but my friend recommended it.”

Courtney Wood, 30, publishing, Park Slope
Dirt Music, by Tim Winton
“I work for the publisher—I get lots of advance review copies to read on the subway.”

Judith Belasco, 28, student, South Slope
AM New York
“I don’t read it every day—usually it’s the Times or something I have to read for work. I always play Sudoku after flipping through the paper!”

Hai Knafo, 59, illustrator, Windsor Terrace
“We Wish to Inform You…,” by Philip Gourevitch
“It’s about a reporter who went back to Rwanda after the genocide. It’s interesting—deeper than the news.”

Naomi Miller, 77, retiree, Cobble Hill and Northern California
The New York Times
“We’ve got this dumb president, so it’s all bad news. I’m a subscriber, I start with the front page, and usually I agree with them.”

Mark, 53, pastry chef, Windsor Terrace
Food, Inc., by Peter Pringle
“It’s boring but interesting. I’m reading it for a class at NYU. It’s at 6 p.m., so I have to finish by then. It’s about food issues and how genetic engineering is more complicated than we think. It’s a little scary.”

Andrea Ackerman, 54, animator, Chelsea
Virtual Art: From Illusion to Immersion, by Oliver Grau
“The author e-mailed me that I might like this. It’s a historical analysis of art that came before immersive art—that’s art that you experience as being totally enveloped in.”

Steven Seighman, 32, Webmaster, Astoria
“The one day you catch me, I’m reading the Metro. I’m usually reading books, but there’s this article about Jesse Jackson today.”

Jessica Carlin, 26, social worker, Park Slope
Fun Home: A Family Tragicomedy, a graphic novel by Alison Bechdel
“A friend of mine lent me some little comic books by this author.”

Alina, 19, NYU student, Forest Hills
Linear Algebra
“I’m on the train for two hours every day, so it would be a waste if I didn’t study.”

Dorna, 44, housekeeper, East New York
Velocity, by Dean Koontz
“I’ve read all of his books. I love them because you never know what’s going to happen next.”

Baula, 33, cook, Astoria
“There’s an article about Fidel Castro, about the protests—it’s my favorite paper, I read it every day.”

Jennifer Seemangal, 19, Hunter College sociology student, Kensington
Gone With the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell
“It tells you the history of what’s going on but in a way that you can relate to.”

Because We Read