16. Because Robert Pattinson Kept the Gossip Columns Busy

Illustrations by Kyungduk Kim

March 14
At the Rose Bar, Pattinson is reportedly overheard bemoaning the fact that he “can’t get laid in New York.”
June 15
Pattinson is attacked by throngs of women while filming Remember Me in Washington Square Park.
June 19
Pattinson is struck by a taxi at Broadway and 12th Street while trying to run from fans.

July 19
Pattinson runs across Water Street in a hood and sunglasses, ignoring crowds of screaming middle-aged women.
July 22
Pattinson checks out a brunette at Lil’ Frankie’s on First Avenue.
October 11
Pattinson complains that he still can’t get a date. “To be honest, I still don’t really understand what’s going on.”

November 1
Mattel releases Twilight Barbie Edward doll, modeled on Pattinson.
November 10
Pattinson says his jeans are a few days old, and he changes his shirt when he can’t take the scent of it anymore.
November 11
Pattinson admits that when he met Zac Efron, he swooned.

16. Because Robert Pattinson Kept the Gossip Colu […]