31. Because Our Street Art Is Collaborative

In gallery-rich Chelsea, a brick wall on West 22nd Street became, over the past year, an ephemeral showroom for international street art. The canvas changed appearance almost daily, as artists (some identified here) overlaid new pieces over the work of their predecessors.

October 2008

1. KH1
2. Peru Ana Ana Peru
3. Judith Supine
4. Billi Kid
5. Dry Beaver
7. Gaia Photo: Billi Kid

September 2009

1. Fumero
2. Jason Mamarella
3. Stickman
4. JC2
5. Billi Kid
6. Judith Supine
7. Dick Chicken
9. Shin Shin Photo: Billi Kid

December 2009

1. Kelly Burns
2. Billi Kid With Shiro
3. Shin Shin
4. Gaia Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

31. Because Our Street Art Is Collaborative