43. Because There’s Always an Of-the-Minute Place for Of-the-Minute People

Photo: Eric Ogden

For a certain type of New Yorker, the closing of the Beatrice Inn was a crisis: Where is the right place to go now, somewhere sufficiently difficult to get into that you can be assured of your ineffable nightlife qualities just because you’re partying there? When Matt Kliegman and Carlos Quirarte took over the ballroom at Sean MacPherson’s Jane Hotel, they solved this the most obvious way: by hiring the Beatrice doorman Angelo Bianchi to make the Friday-night party the most happening scene in town, luring everyone from Williamsburg stylists to Justin Theroux. Who made it there on December 3?

1. Chris Black 28, “Lifestylist”
Nice accent. Where are you from?
Atlanta, Georgia, originally.
What do you like about it here?
The design. It’s Victorian. It’s Chateau Marmont. It’s the fire burning. It’s the dark reds. It’s the carpets. The room is so big and there’s so much seating, people can stay for an entire night and not feel the need to jump around.

2. Amy Tichenor 28, Jewelry Designer
What are you doing here?
I like the music Johnny spins. Johnny and I are from Gainesville [Florida]. I don’t know if you know this, but like 100 people from Gainesville moved here, and we’re all really good friends. It’s a chance for us to meet up.
Have you ever left with anyone other than your friends?
Never! No. God, no.
Will you roll up your sleeves and show me your tattoo?
We’re not talking about my tattoo. I was really young.

3. John Mcswain 29, D.J.–Director– Video Editor
What makes a good D.J.?
Not having D.J. before your name helps.
You used to D.J. at Lit. What’s the biggest difference?
I don’t smell when I leave the Jane.

4. Annette Lamothe-Ramos 24, D.J.–Fashion Editor, Vice Magazine
Do you take requests?
We try if they’re actually good. Once, a guy offered us a thousand bucks to play “With or Without You,” by U2. We didn’t do it. Occasionally people try to pay us to play songs. We always say no, but they leave the money anyway. Whatever. Their loss.

5. Alex Andrejko 23, playwright-actor
Come here often?
I live close, and a lot of my friends work here.
You get free drinks?
Nothing’s free, babe.
Ever leave the party with someone?
Only to one of the rooms upstairs, but I came back to meet my friends.

6. Yale Breslin 25, Freelance Fashion Journalist
What’s your drink?
Vodka-and-Seven. Or a Caesar, but they don’t make that here.
What’s a Caesar?
It’s made with Clamato juice, which has clam juice in it. And olives. It’s the best drink to have if you’re hungry.
How hot are the people here?On a scale of one to ten, they’re a ten. Because they don’t try too hard.

7. Brett Elizabeth Williams 25, Freelance Stylist–Fashion Intern
How did you hear about the party?
I know the D.J.’s through my boyfriend. Before I moved to New York, I heard all about it, and I was so jealous. When I finally came, I ran into people I went to high school with.
What were you like in high school?
I went to Campbell Hall in Los Angeles. I was captain of the soccer team and a cheerleader.
You cheered for yourself?
We cheered for the football team.

43. Because There’s Always an Of-the-Minute Place […]