55. Because After Last Call at the Jane, You Can Go Straight to an AA Meeting

Photo-Illustration by DarrowPhoto: Patrick McMullan

In January, Lindsay Lohan will come off a three-month stint in rehab at the Betty Ford Center, where she was ordered by a judge after violating probation by testing positive for drugs following a 2007 DUI. Her very next move, according to her family, will be to New York, to escape the evils of Los Angeles. “Lindsay always complains about the people in L.A.,” says a longtime friend of the actress. “They’re like leeches—they just suck onto her.” She’s followed in some storied footsteps. Haley Joel Osment, Kirsten Dunst, and Courtney Love have sought solace here after their own meltdowns. Not to mention Richard Nixon and Monica Lewinsky. Perhaps Lindsay knows that this city embraces tragic heroines. Kander and Ebb wrote “New York, New York” for Liza Minnelli, after all. “[Lohan] really is a good actress. Everyone gets a second chance. I think New York is a city of second chances. I love New York—it gave me one,” says Lizzie Grubman, the publicist and talent manager who also crashed and recovered. Of course, just getting Lohan from behind the wheel is a good start. “Lindsay needs to move to Montana and stay away from everyone,” says a friend of hers. “But if you’re choosing between L.A. and New York, New York is the better option.”

55. Because After Last Call at the Jane, You Can […]