reasons to love new york

Reasons to Love New York 2011

  • The Occupy Movement Started Here From the occupation on September 17 of an obscure park in lower Manhattan came new “Occupys” in more than 950 cities in 82 countries.
  • Questlove Is the People’s Bandleader Questlove proves how completely wrong we all were in thinking that he and his band had removed themselves from cultural relevance by taking a j […]
  • Our Marlboro Man Is a Novelist Beginning this fall, planted right in the middle of the circus—next to the barn-size ads pushing blockbuster movies, was a billboard in three pa […]
  • Because These Women Rock Pop and r&b may be filled with a variety of women making innovative noise, but even in 2011, backstage at the Bowery Ballroom can still feel […]
  • Because a Science Geek Is Our Mayor The question was about how the death of his father changed his life, but somehow Mayor Bloomberg had detoured into delivering a science seminar. […]


There’s Nothing Like a Great Old New York Hack

The Last Great Discount-Tire Salesman Is Nothing to Sneeze At

The Best Tabloid Story Was the One About the Owner

Bill Keller Kept His Calm

Paul Krugman Didn’t Keep His Calm

Erica Simone Rode the Subway and Nobody Seemed Surprised

Our Bathrooms Are World-Class

The Dover Sole at La Grenouille Never Fails to Please

There’s a Pay-What-You-Want Restaurant in Williamsburg

You Get an $11 Fried Sardine Skeleton

Only Here Can a Hockey Goon Moonlight As a Fashion Maven

Our Art Galleries Are Extraordinary

We Have Blood Feuds Over Broadway Musicals

Brooklynites Like It When Hollywood Comes to Their Neighborhood

There’s a Kinship Among Our Remaining Smokers

You Can Dance and Booze in a Chinese Restaurant

The Skyline Is Soaring Again

To Us, a Natural Disaster Is an Excuse to Say Who’s Better Than Whom

The East River Ferry Swims Laps Around the L Train

A Once-Notorious Mental Hospital Is Now a Publishing House

St. Mark’s Bookshop Lives

Zurana Horton Took a Bullet to Save Her Daughter’s Life

Dr. Steven Schneider Gave a Baby Boy a Chance for a Better One

Reasons to Love New York 2011