70. Because Free Dailies Mean We’re Once Again Perfecting the Art of Hawking Newspapers.

Photo: Victor Prado/New York Magazine

Sunnie Edmonston owns a hair salon called Ladies’ First in East Harlem. That’s where she spends her afternoons, doing weaves and braiding. But in the a.m., she’s hawking AM New York at the Canal Street A/C/E station—plus all the ads it contains. Newspaper advertising, she believes, is the “beat of the city.”

“Good morning, guys! How you doin’? Got Macy’s One Star, as well as … Have a good day! Macy’s One Star and deals of the weekend! Bloomingdale’s, as well as Uniqlo! Good morning, guys! Have a nice day! And movie-time cable listings! New mobsters flick! Check it out. Good morning. Have a good day. Here we go! Good morning, guys! And check out One Star, 20 percent off Macy’s gift cards. Have a good day. Morning, guys! Have a nice weekend. Got deals of the weekend! Check it out! Everything is still on sale! And take advantage of online shopping! The fastest growing sectooooor! Everything is on sale!

70. Because Free Dailies Mean We’re Once Again Pe […]