46. Because Broken People Can Find Other Broken People Here. Also, Not-So-Broken People.

A (very small) sampling of support groups meeting these days in the city: Alcoholics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, Sex Addicts Anonymous, Support Group for Injured Dancers, Online Gamers Anonymous, Life After Weight Loss Surgery NYC, New York City PTSD Support, the NYC Child Abuse Survivors Support Group, Christians in the Fashion Industry, New York Area Shyness Support Meetup, Life After Mr. Wrong, 40 & Under Divorced Glam Gals, New York Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Healing Ladies 20s & 30s, Sugar Free Support Group, Marijuana Anonymous, Co-Dependents Anonymous, Underearners Anonymous, Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, Debtors Anonymous, Clutterers Anonymous, New York Workaholics Support Group, Borderline Personality Disorder Support Group, Misfits and the City, Bronies-NYC, NYC Narcissist Support Group, Wallflower Power, the Manhattan Adult ADD Support Group, Gay Men’s Social Anxiety Support Group, the NYC and NJ Anger Management Meetup, Herpes Recovery Anonymous of NYC, New York City Lyme Disease Support Group, Manhattan A.W.A.K.E. Sleep Apnea Support Group, Menstrual Pain Support Group, Manhattan Stuttering Group, Pet Loss Support Group, Woman’s Anger Group, NYC Dads Group, TransParents Project, New Parent Breastfeeding Support Group, Empowerment During Breakups and Divorce Support Group NYC, NYC Hoarders-No-More Meetup, Gamblers Anonymous, PhD’ed and Confused in NYC, Gainfully Unemployed, Brave Artists in NYC.

46. Because Broken People Can Find Other Broken P […]